Fashion / Beauty Quotes Inspiration

Good Morning Guys ! I thought I will come over here and share couple of Quotes / Inspirations for Fashion & Beauty . Hope it inspire you all to stay true to your style or maybe to find your new signature style ! Whatever you do stay happy and confident . Experimente and enjoy itContinue reading “Fashion / Beauty Quotes Inspiration”

February Nude Lip Favorites

Good Morning Guys! There is no doubt that nude lips have been popular for a long time now and we have a lot to choose from . I would like to share my last month favorites with you guys . Sadly I can’t pull of any super light beige shades so I tend to stickContinue reading “February Nude Lip Favorites”

Fall 2015 / Affordable Fashion ( PRIMARK , NEW LOOK , WARREN JAMES )

We have Welcomed Autumn  once again . We can see everything slowly changing . It’s getting colder and darker in a morning , leafs falling down . Our wardrobe changes , our makeup changes even our home decoration change. Today i would like to talk about Outfits ! This year I’m doing and planning to doContinue reading “Fall 2015 / Affordable Fashion ( PRIMARK , NEW LOOK , WARREN JAMES )”


So I’m back with another post about Gel nails and another design ! LIQUID STONE : I’m sure many of You seen it  and many of you know how to make one ! I have seen it before but never had a courage to attempt to make one myself . Until last week ! IContinue reading “LIQUID STONE AND GEL NAILS <3”