Amazing MUR Metals Eye Foils

Are You eyeshadow crazy as I am ?? If You are, then You should have a look at this lovely collection of MUR Eye Foils.

Available in 4 lovely shades

  • Black Diamond
  • Pure Platinum
  • Emerald Godess
  • Rose Gold

Of course I had to have a Rose Gold . It’s a shade You can use over and over again. Flatters everyone and look stunning.

Ideal for someone who look for that WOW effect without getting out of their comfort zone.

It comes with a little mixing tray and liquid primer . Texture is very different, pigment itself feels wet. You can use it with and without primer.


I like to use a finger to apply this eye foil as it’s very sticky (as it should be) !

Let’s take a minute to admire that stunning foil ❤


You can achieve a full glow look or you can apply lightly for a subtle look on Your eyelids. Staying power is amazing ! It’s not easy to get it off . As for creasing …. Use good primer and there should be no problem with that. I have very oily eyelids and it’s stay put for a whole night . ❤



For amazing price of 4 £ You just can’t go wrong . Color pay of, staying power all that is amazing for the price.

It’s also a great DUPE for Stila Metal Foil Finish .

I can’t tell a difference ( apart from price ).What not to Love  ??!! ❤

Lots of Love


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