Before jumping into full on review I would like to give you a little story behind it so You know what experience I had and what brought me to Try MILK+BLUSH Hair . This post is gonna be quiet long as I want to give you all the important details . So grab a snack and enjoy !


My Hair Extension Background:

My journey with Hair Extension started around 5 years ago and I never stopped wearing them since . I think it’s safe to say that I made some good and bad purchases within those 5 years. Yet I never gave up on searching for better quality and better brand to purchase from .

  • My first set of hair extension were those super long synthetic Hair . I had 2 pairs , one was straight ,the other one was wavy. I was quiet lucky because they actually matched my hair color perfectly.I only lasted couple months wearing them before getting my first Human Hair set . I will insert some photos for you guys ( some very , very old photos ) Please don’t Judge 😀 .


  • Then I went ahead and got myself a Remy Human Hair from one of Small shops. I can’t remember the name of them but they were nothing special . They looked nice and felt alright but didn’t last long . I also remember them being a lot thinner then what I’m use to now . That phase lasted about 2 years .
  • Next I moved on to Foxy Locks . I changed my hair color to Toffee “ombre” style . I loved those to be honest . Shade was perfect and quality pretty good. I purchased few sets and worn them to death . I haven’t tried any of their new seamless  or Superior / Luxurious Sets , so I can’t judge that . But I have enjoyed Foxy Locks in a past .


PURCHASE: Second Base , St Tropez & Bel Air Baby 

This Year I decided to change my hair color and I couldn’t find anything that I like . Until I came across Milk+Blush website . I think the main thing that drove me to purchase from them is the fact that they have such a lovely mixture of colors in each set . I love that they are not a block shades but different tones . ❤ I read review after review and watched many Youtube videos .



The whole experience was very pleasant . I ordered in a morning and got my hair the following day on a Next Day Delivery service. They arrived nicely packed in Silver bag and inside you have a pretty pink box with 2 parts , one is sealed and other comes with a weft of hair for you to try and see if the color is right for you before making that commitment. They also give you a little booklet with instruction of how to clip hair in and how to care for them .

If you are not sure what shade to pick you can Whassapp MILK+BLUSH with a picture of your own hair or hair color that you want and they will come back to you with a best match . Really simple and time saving , but if that’s not enough for you …. You can go on MILK+BLUSH Youtube channel and watch videos that are dedicated to all the shades that are available to purchase .

I also went on their Instagram Page to have a look how it looks in real life . You will find all sorts of sets (shades) being worn and matched to different hair colors and lengths !!

I purchased Quad Weft in Second Base and got my new amazing Hairdresser  Lauren to cut, blend & Balayage my own hair to match Second Base . I knew that girl is good from looking at her Instagram but I never expected my own hair to end up looking soo damn good . She is ridiculously talented and a first person that I trusted in years to touch my hair! Go check her profile out laurenwalkerhair .

Check out this difference ! ❤






Milk+Blush hair arrived and I couldn’t be happier with how thick and soft they felt. Shade was everything that I wanted and Lauren matched them to perfection .

I got them in 20-22 inch and we cut quiet a bit off to create more natural look and blend in better with my hair . I wear Hair extension every day so I want them comfortable too. I actually wear them to sleep too and never had an issue ( please don’t judge , it saves me time and effort in a morning lol ).

Have a look at those pretty shades and how thick those Sets are . There is a few pictures of me wearing the extensions . I just would like to point out that i don’t wear the full set . I usually wear 5 wefts out of 7 .

Quad weft in St Tropez and Triple Weft in Bel Air Baby :






34921529893_167ca70cc7_o (1)






The hair itself are soft and keep curls really well. They lasted well for over 4 months of everyday wear and lots of heat . I could probably wear them for another month but I like an easy life and my hair shade changed during those few months . Even tho I got a quad weft in both Second Base and St Tropez , they feel light and comfortable when wearing . I haven’t noticed much shedding in all that time, what makes me super happy !

I haven’t decided what color I want  more permanently so i just went for another blond ish shade to mach me for now (St Tropez) . Pretty sure I will soon be calling Lauren  to do some magic again.



I can honestly say I really enjoy Milk+Blush Hair Extension . One of the best if not the best quality hair that are available here in UK . Most natural looking hair I ever purchased that stay smooth even after a wash and dry . I also Dyed my St Tropez set to match my dark roots and they turned out great and still looking and feeling amazing .

It’s a Yes from me and I’m really hard to please when it comes to Hair . Do you guys have any recommendation ?


ClassyChic Xx













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