Yesterday I received an e-mail from Zara with a little Information regarding their SALE.

I do love a bit of Zara, I think they follow trend really well even tho, sometimes I feel like they are taking it too far for me ( I know boring , boring me ) .

But I love seeing girls rocking those trendy pieces and watching them put a new twist to it . Personally I stay to the safe end but if you brave enough to rock the louder pieces then You go for it! I had a little browse and I think it’s safe to say they have a good range of clothes available on Sale. I picked a few of my favorites pieces to show to you guys .

I would like to start with this little number .

5580505401_2_5_1A Striped bodysuit with crossover V-neck.

I love the look of this classic long sleeves with button fastening mashed up with a  front knot .


It’s on sale now for 19.99£ which I think is a great price for this versatile Bodysuit . This one is definitely my style ❤

Next up we have a 2 jumpsuits that caught my attention . Both have a very flattering cut and V-neck .7972059600_6_1_1



One of them comes with a wide leg and strong color and the other have more slim fitted cut with a lace detailing .

I think both are a great choices for either work or a night out .




Next I noticed this pair of CONTRAST HIGH HEEL SHOES


Those would look great styled with a simple Brown /nude bag . Height of the heels isn’t too crazy , so I imagine those would be pretty comfortable with 10.5 cm heel.

The only draw back is that they are selling out FAST  for 19.99 £ !

If you are on a market for a Faux Leather Skirt then look no further ! Zara have some great choices in a short and long version .




This relax style is perfect for more casual events when you still want to look glam but also feel comfortable as those are mix of Faux leather shorts with lace trims that looks like a skirt from a front !

I love that little belt detail that makes it bit more edgy ❤


And if you are looking for a loner version then keep going !


I absolutely love this little number !

Long , fitted and Faux leather pencil skirt is something you just can’t go wrong with . It would look Fab with the Shirt Bodysuit that I mentioned first for more official but still Sexy look  . ❤


I hope you enjoyed this little List Of Top 6 . I know things are usually selling out super fast on Zara and it sometimes hard to get the size that you want , but they do have a different shades and also often similar items in they full price section .

Have a little browse and let me know what you find for yourself ! 🙂


                                         ClassyChic Xx

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