Maybelline Sensational Lipstick Addict

Hello Lovelies And Happy Wednesday !

Let’s start with confession… I’m Lipstick Hoarder! Plane and simple. I love make-up and lipsticks is definitely one of my favorite things to buy and try .


And if you are a Lipstick Lover with a slight (massive) obsession of Nude Shades then stick around and take a look at my pics from Maybelline Sensational Collection AKA Best Drugstore Lipsticks


I have few shades to show you from 2 different ranges .

Nude Embrace & Brown Sugar is your Matte range . Super comfortable to wear and feels almost like a velvet . Use a light hand when applying as it is a very pigmented and reach formula . By far one of the best . It doesn’t dry your lips and you get a decent wear out of them . As a bonus it also wears off nicely and it doesn’t sink into you fine lip lines. Darker colors do stain your lips slightly , but I see it as a good thing as it still looks natural as the day progress. What also makes me super excited is a scent ! It’s amazing …. I don’t usually like scents on lip products , but they whole range smells like dream . It’s that natural vanilla scent that’s delicious . ❤230298876099202.jpg

230298511038202Look at those swatches ! Loving Brown Sugar ❤












Now let’s move to the range which I would described as Satin finish with a slight shine . Your perfect everyday lipstick that leave your lips looking natural and healthy . Same amazing scent that you will get on all of their lipsticks. Very light weight and moisturizing. Check out few shades below . Velvet Beige and Toasted Brown are My favorite brown nude shades !




Can’t wait to add more colors to my little Collection. Let me know your favorites .

With Love

Classy Chic Xxx

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