Tony Moly “I’m Real” Sheet Mask Heaven

Hello Lovelies and Happy Wednesday to you all !

I love Makeup and there is nothing better then playing with colours and creating new looks but sometimes you need to go back to basic and look after your skin.

We all use creams and serums on a daily basis but it’s important to give your skin a boost of hydration in a stronger form from time to time.

Recently I wasn’t paying enough attention to that part of my routine and I noticed how much effect does that have on a condition of my skin. Bring back the old good Mask days ! (Specially after few late nights…. few too many ! )


I have a good amount of face mask stashed in my drawers but one that I always go back to is Tony Moly Brand. One simple reason : TRUST. Little inside info for you all: my skin is prone to breakouts and combo to oily . I struggle to find anything that would not irritate my skin, which is why I look for products that are SAFE for me and I can relay on .


I will show you some of my favorite ones from Tonly Moly range . You can get them of Amazon, Ebay or Selfridges . Prices very depending on a website you choose to purchase them from. Selfridges sells them for 5£ each but you can also get them in bulk or set of Ebay. You can get them for as little as 1.99 £ Of Ebay .


Tony Moly ” I’m Real” Sheet Masks are Triple-Layered and adheres well to skin . I’m impressed by how well it’s stays in place and don’t slide all over .

My 4 Must Haves : Tea Tree , Seaweeds , Makgeoli and Tomato .


They leave my skin feeling soft and plump. I only do Sheet Masks in the evening , my skin is Combo to Oily so I won’t apply makeup straight After Mask.

All in all they I love most of them . The one that haven’t agreed with my skin is Red Wine Pore care . It left my skin bit sticky and dull. But that might just be my skin type .


I would totally recommend them for anyone who is looking for affordable skin care to include in a routine.





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