Zara Perfume collection

Happy Wednesday Guys ! We had some amazing weather here in UK for a past few days and now we are back to standard rainy days…


On that note let me have a little chat about Zara Perfume Collection . Purchased 3 scents and I love 2 of them… the third one is nice I’m just not sure it’s me.


But have you guys seen a bottles ? It really surprised me how nice they look and how heavy they are . Product is well made and looks simple and classy .

So let’s start with something that I absolutely love and use all time . I’m talking here about Red Vanilla .  It’s that sweet but fresh scent that is not too much and you can wear it during a day. It lasts pretty well to , I can smell it on my clothes even after all day and it doesn’t change much . 100 Ml cost only 9.99£ .


Scent is described as Fruity-vanilla :

Pear, blackcurrant, iris, vanilla, praline, patchouli, tonka bean.





Next up we have Zara Joyful Tuberose described as Floral – fruity – woody:17776831_1463052840406289_1850363752_o

Blackcurrant – Grapefruit – Lemon – Tangerine – Musk – Sandalwood – vanilla.

I feel like it is a very musky scent specially after few hours. It’s fresh at the beginning but it turn on to heavier side during the day which can be a problem for some of us. Still it’s a nice scent and I enjoy using it . Again it’s 100 Ml for 9.99£.

And my least favorite is Zara Black Amber  you can purchase in 30 ml or 100 ml. Described as Oriental-Amber :

Tangerine-Passion fruit-Vanilla-Musk

Now don’t get me wrong , I think it smells really good and I can see why people love it but I’m not sure how much I love it on me . I would probably wear it a lot more if not the fact that I already have many Perfumes that are in constant rotation .

It truly is an Oriental scent and pretty strong , I would not wear it during the day as it’s bit too over powering .

One great thing about Zara Perfumes is that you usually can get them in a sets of 2 for about 12.99£ . Both bottles have 100 Ml . Really good deal if you want to experiment with new scents or a great gift for a friend.

I’m really glad that I took a risk and discovered Red Vanilla ! ❤


Classy Chic Xx




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