My Sign Lip Gloss Makeup Revolution


If You are on a market for new Lip Gloss/ Lipstick hybrid You might want to check out “new ” Star Sign range from Makeup Revolution ( 3£)  . Collection contains 12 nude shades, each shade assign to a different Star Sign . Little cute description on each tube for each Star Sign. Little something to make it more special and make us smile when we reach for it.  16231459_1393319157379658_1429298106_o

Very different formula for a lipgloss , again it’s not a product I would class as Lipgloss. It’s very much a hybrid of Lipstick and Lipgloss. Lovely full coverage with a high shine . It feels nice on a lips as long as you don’t put too much on . I like to use it with a lipliner and then fill it with Mur product. It doesn’t feel sticky but it is heavier then your normal Lipgloss , so don’t go heavy handed with it . 🙂



I like the fact that you can go full on with it and create a full coverage lip look or use it lightly to achieve more natural lip. Be careful not to pack too much product on as it’s easy done with this type of product. I absolutely adore the shades they come out with . Check out those Stunning nude shades below .


Libra & Gemini are my favorite in a bunch .



Overall packaging is great quality as always when it comes to MUR , thick and sturdy plastic with a heavy feel to it . Lovely Star Sign details on a side of a tube.

Formula is nice with opaque color. I find myself reaching for it now and again if I want a break from a standard Matte Liquid Lipstick. Absolutely worth the 3 £ from Superdrug.

  Lots Of Love 

                                                                        ClassyChic Xx




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