IKEA Back To Basic I


Ikea have his fan club all around the world and I’m sure we are all familiar with their products . They seem to have a solution for everything. We love Ikea for their classic and modern design and affordable prices .


This Swedish retailer arrived in Uk in 1987 with their first store in Warrington and they keep expanding ever since. If you ever browse for furniture online then I’m sure you have seen many iterior designs and hacks that involve Ikea furniture.


One my old time favorites must be adding Marble Effect to Lack Coffee Table. This beauty only cos 14 £ and you can jazz it up with some marbleized paper.

Another one of my Favorites is adding some fancy legs to Kallax  shelving unit to spice thins up . Ikea (again) got you covered , you can find many styles at the very low price . So simple and classy !

What I love about it so much is,  that even tho all does hacks been around for what feels like forever we all keep adding personal touch to them . I really enjoy watching people creating something new and unique . Home makeover gives me so much satisfaction!


I fell in love in couple of basic pieces like

Tejn Rug , look great on a floor , draped on sofa , armchair or bed . Add that warm feeling to the house . Only cost 10 £ and it’s extra cute ! Sew 2 of them together to create irregular , bigger rug !

Fardrup Rug, grey version of the same rug .


Malm Chest of 6 Drawers  in white ( already own one of them and adore them ❤ ) , you can add some personal touch with drawer handles.



Kallax unit is also on my must have , parred with some nice legs ! It such a versatile piece. Can look amazing in living room with some wood logs and Candles .Or you just use it to display your shoes !




Not so long ago Ikea come up with a very modern and on trend LAUTERS Floor lamp base, Go check it out ! I know you want to . They also have a Table version . It screams MODERN ! Dark lamp base will pare it nicely with white furniture and color accents.

Lack Coffee Table would be a great addition to family , if you are looking for a cheap option and simple, classy look. Add some stained wood on top to change the whole look !

Lack shelve in white is also a great pick for any room in a house . Easy way to give your bare walls makeover and display those amazing pictures , flowers or  your favorite pair of heels !


Hope you guys enjoyed My little list of Back to basic from Ikea Part I .

Have a great day and fun during your house makeover ! ❤

                                             Lots Of Love

                                                   Classy Chic Xx











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