April Lip Favorite REVLON/RIMMEL


It’s that time again, April is almost over and it brought some great Lip products to my attention . Who doesn’t  like some good lippy ! .

For the past month I been constantly switching between Revlon and Rimmel . I feel like  I left all the bright and vibrant colors behind just for those 3 beauties. I had Rimmel Show Off in my collection for a while now and it’s been well loved ! I purchased Revlon Ultra HD and Colorburst end of March and been absolutely digging them !

Revlon Ultra HD Lacquer GARNET, Rimmel SHow Off COMET , Revlon Colorburst MATTE BALM 225, 

Revlon seems to be doing very well with me this month. As much as I don’t get on with some of their face products I seem to really love their Lip line . And Boy do I love it !


I Fallen head over heels in Their Ultra HD Lacquer !  First of all it’s not as shiny on lips . Colour Garnet is just perfect to brighten up all face without it being too over the top ! I has just the right amount of shine . It’s not matte but it’s not extra shiny either ! Feels great on your lips so if you are someone like me and have some issue with your lips going dry … Well grab this one and enjoy the soft feeling all day long ( yes you will have to re-apply ! )  but It is a small price for the effect it gives you . It’s one of them that feels nice on lips and also stay put for quiet a long time. And when it wears off it leaves some stain so it looks natural and You can easily go on a date and enjoy the food and drink without the worry of looking like a clown 🙂

Next is Revlon Colorburst In shade 225 .

Stunning ! Not to dark not to bright , But still quiet a bold color . Stayes put for a good 2-3 hours on me. It’s easy everyday color on a darker side . Love , love love ! Formula is not too drying either , goes on really smoothly . I feel like the whole line is well put together , we have quiet a few shades to choose from  , I swatched them in shop and pigmentation seems to be on point with all of them . I would really recomend grabbing few of them .

And now it’s finally time for my April perfect nude ! Rimmel Show Off in COMET


It’s my everyday shade that just goes with everything  . Great for work and night out when you want to go crazy on eyes but stay low profile on lips ! Formula is amazing ! Highly recommended ! The only down side is a scent , not too strong for me but may irritate some people.

I hope You enjoyed my little Lip Favorite list and You will share what is your favorite Lip product this month ! I’m still looking for more nude shades to add to my collection .





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