Fall 2015 / Affordable Fashion ( PRIMARK , NEW LOOK , WARREN JAMES )

We have Welcomed Autumn  once again . We can see everything slowly changing . It’s getting colder and darker in a morning , leafs falling down . Our wardrobe changes , our makeup changes even our home decoration change.

Today i would like to talk about Outfits ! This year I’m doing and planning to do a lot of autumn/winter shopping . I was always a dark colour girl. I had a lot of black, brown and dark blue in my wardrobe. That was a main theme of my wardrobe , but recently i started discovering a lot of different colours. I already have my summer , happy , light collection with a lot of tops and light shirts in bright , vibrant colors.

And now it’s time to update my fall and winter outfits ! Like I said before I already been shopping and got few bits and bats I really like and they are perfect for that in between weather/ time. I paid visit to a few shops but also been paying close  attention to online shops. I think that most basic and most popular shop on mine and I bet on Your list too It’s PRIMARK . I know it’s not the most glamours shop in Uk but it have so much choice for a great price. I feel like this year they have a really good selection of fall/winter clothes. I love Primark, I do. I think that choice is big and everyone will find something they will like.

Today I created couple of different fall outfits for those cold, dark days in front of us. I only picked couple of things that I really like and plan to buy and you can find online , but I know that selection in shops is a lot bigger then online product cart !

On a picture below is only Primark selection that i think would look great when you going out for a dinner or a drink after work . I absolutely love that long coat for autumn days. I feel like I have a lot of dark jackets but no Long, elegant and light coat.


Pink sequin cami Top 10 £ , Pink Scarf 4 £ , Black Lace Skirt 8 £, Black stiletto boots 15 £ , Coat 25 £ .

I also picked a few accesorries for this outfit. But I just would like to let you know guys that i don’t really buy jewellery from Primark. I prefer spend a bit more on those few bits and get a real silver from Warren James or go to New Look and get regular one  . I just feel like selection is better and it will last a lot longer and lets be honest prices in Warren James are amazing !!


Gloves from Primark 9£, WJ Heart studs (real silver ) 39£ NOW 12£ , WJ Tania Heart Necklace (real silver) 44£ NOW 18£, WJ Solitaire Ring (real silver) 18£ NOW 8.99£ , Spike Necklace from NEW LOOK 7.99£ , Watch from NEW LOOK 24.99£

Next outfit is more elegant , could be worn for a dinner, date , but also for work if You don’t have any strict dress code in your office. I’m lucky enough to be able to wear what I like in my work place (in good manners).


Tan pencil skirt Primark 8£ Black Bag Primark 9£, Gold Agate cuff NEW LOOK 3.99£, Gold heart ring NEW LOOK 2.99£, Stripe Print Top PRIMARK 8£,

Moving on to warm fluffy blouse and more comfortable boots for shopping trips ! Let’s stay elegant and classy but also comfortable and warm Girls ! Don’t You just love this off shoulder top ?? I absolutely love that sexy, effortless look that you can get with this simple “trick” . ❤


Black shoulder top PRIMARK 6£, Black heel Boot PRIMARK 18£, Stone Ring NEW LOOK 3.99£

I hope You like my choices and enjoyed my clothes combo . I have those little heart studs on my list TO BUY I also want to get that off shoulder top and probably that lovely grey- ish coat .

Let me know Your Must Have this winter !

Lots Of Love

                                                   Classy Chic xxx

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