Friday Blush Madness <3 / Max Factor & Mur

Good Morning Makeup Lovers !! It’s Friday and It’s Blush Time !


Since Autumn arrived and weather changed in UK I have been changing my Makeup Products (shades and brands). Darker colors on my eye lids and lips , also on my Cheeks ! My MUJI drawers are full of blush pallets and single blushes. Recently I was obsessing over sort of old product , but new for me in a way . We are talking about Max Factor Creme Puff Blush. I have picked two very different shades : 25 Alluring Rose and 30 Gorgeous Berries . Both very different shades, number 25 is a brown shade that looks very natural and it’s easy to build the color. I use it to get that natural look on every day to day . On the other had we have this Beautiful nr 30 and OMG let me just put this out there , It is stunning ! Such a reach , pretty Berry shade. I absolutely Love Love this Blush !


So the color payoff is amazing , pigmentation really lived up to the pretty product inside . I really like formula in those blushes , they are not dry or powdery . They have almost creamy feel to them , easy to work with but I suggest to use a light hand with them ! They stay put all they long and they are just perfect for those cold October nights ❤

You can get those beauties on sale right now in Superdrug , normally 8.99 £ its down to 6.99 £ Max Factor Gorgeous Berries . Max Factor have a great collection to choose from , so I’m sure if You looking for something lighter in shade you will most definitely find one !


How pretty is this ?! This mix of dark and light pink is stunning.




This one swatches very lightly but don’t let that trick you . Oh Boy , this have some pigmentation !


But let’s move on to Makeup Revolution VIVID Baked Blush called ALL I THINK ABOUT IS YOU . How cool is this name ? It’s baked Blush, but this one compering to Max Factor have a shimmer finish , it’s really sparkly . At least it is for me. It’s not glittery looking but i would not use highlighter with it. But that just my personal preference , I prefer satin / matte finish on my skin when it comes to blush. Don’t get me wrong I love shiny finish of highlighter but for blush i stick to satin and matte ❤

I Adore Makeup Revolution Brand I have been for a long time now , and I think that their products always deliver . So I can’t really fault this VIVID Blush but I can’t say I love this one as much as my other blushes , but at the same time I kind of like it and I do think it is an amazing product it just not my kind of finish !

To be honest I wanted some darker shades MUR VIVID Blush but this one was the only one they had in stock. I’m pretty sure they had some lovely berry shades that looked more like my type of colors.


Blush is lovely and creamy , easy to pick up the color. I love their packaging it’s big and plastic is clear . Its’s also not easy to break , I have dropped this one couple of times and nothing had happen. I would really recommend this Blush if You looking for more shimmery light shade.

 Lots of Love

                                              Classy Chic xxxx

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Blogging from England . Passionate about Makeup & Fashion. I get easily excited about Country Music and lyrics. On my blog you will find all sorts of Reviews , Swatches and Pictures. Come and join me to share a love for Makeup & Life <3

8 thoughts on “Friday Blush Madness <3 / Max Factor & Mur

  1. I have couple of blushes from Max Factor. I’m not sure of the colours and on a lazy Saturday morning my MUJI drawers seem to far away to move towards them to check lol. I like their formula, you are 100% correct. They are almost creamy when swatches. I think they stay on well but nothing beats a good old MUR blush on me. They’re the only ones that stay on all day 🙂 I have their baked heart blusher which is just gorgeous and blush palette and also their creamy blush palette. Lately I’ve been obsessing over their Matte Blush collection and I have them all and use them all 🙂

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