So I’m back with another post about Gel nails and another design !

LIQUID STONE : I’m sure many of You seen it  and many of you know how to make one ! I have seen it before but never had a courage to attempt to make one myself . Until last week ! I been looking for something different to share with You guys and I come across a great tutorial on YouTube. And since I had everything I needed for this one I thought WHY NOT ?!

First attempt on a fake nail , just to see if I’m capable of doing it and not to end up with some strange object on my own nails !  PicsArt_1443103410566

I do apologize for quality of picture ! I will try and upload some better ones soon !


For this one I have used Sky Blue Gel as a base and Rose Gold from Semilac .


Those little sparking bits You can see it’s a crushed shells in blue ! ❤

Now moving on to My Nails ! I used a bit different colors this time ! My base is a peachy shade from Semilac PASTEL PEACH 102 and PINK GOLD 94 for drawing around Liquid Stone .


I would love to give You Guys a Good step by step explanation on How to create A liquid stone but I’m afraid You have to see it to understand how to create that look. I can only advise You to head over to YouTube and search for Liquid Stone Nails !

I’m not saying that my version is perfect but I only tried it twice and I’m pretty happy with a result . Based on my experience You should not struggle as long as you remember to keep a gel in place ! For that I used SEMILAC HARD (comes as a normal polish bottle , but it is a soak off gel )



I also added some Snake skin effect on Thumbs ! So simple and easy !


Would You be happy with those nails? How do You like Liquid Stone ?

Lots Of Love

                                               ClassyChicZone xxx

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