Snake Skin And Gel Polish

Let’s talk nails Today ! Who doesn’t love a pretty nails and a bit of sparkle… ( Ok a lot of sparkle) !!

I love having a play with with Gel polish and glitter . For this set I have used Bluesky Gel Polish .


I been using their product since I started my fun with Gels . It was actually first brand I tried which was almost 12 months ago !

Bluesky have a massive range of colors and I mean MASSIVE! Hundreds of colors for Us to choose from and enjoy.

I use mine with primer instead of base coat. If applied correctly they wont chip or lift from your own nail. I like to change my Gel polish too often if I’m honest. I usually go 2-2.5 weeks and then change them. Even tho I could go 4 weeks without a problem . But I see too many pretty designs to try on !

Last week i decided to try a Snake Skin Effect . Really easy and quick to do ! Takes seconds to do and looks stunning . I’m sure many of You have seen it and many of You will know how to achieve this look , but let me explain to whoever don’t know what we are talking about. 


  • You will need to prepare your nails and prime them first.
  • Apply first coat of your chosen color (A44 Bluesky )
  • Cure for 2 min -UV lamp or 30 sec LED lamp
  • Apply second coat of color – Cure 2 min -UV 30 sec- LED
  • Prepare mixture : few drops of  BLACK GEL POLISH and few drops of TOP COAT ( mix well, you can use TIN FOIL and WOODEN STICK )
  • Apply Black /sheer mixture on the nail ( You can do half a nail like I did)
  • DON’T CURE ! You have to be quick now, Apply the main color (A44 for me ) All You do is dropping tiny bits of Pink gel onto A black gel. Now Quick – Cure it !
  • A layer of top coat – Cure – Wipe a tacky layer off – And Enjoy !

12047419_1029495397095371_1491696020_n (1)

Since I started my journey with Gel Nails my collection grown a lot and I have many more brands to choose from . I still go back to Bluesky time and time again. For the price 5.50 £ a Bottle you get a great quality and a lot to choose from ! ❤

12047730_1029495413762036_1230144816_n (1)

How do You like Snake Skin effect ?? Would You have them done?

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