I think everyone have their own MUST Have List . We have products we love and products we hate. We also have products that we would re-purchase in a heartbeat. Today I would like to present you with a beauty product but not make-up. It’s great to have that amazing makeup seating in a drawers and in our beauty bags , but we have to have something to apply it with. Powder is a MUST HAVE in my bag. I use it everyday, few times a day I’m powder crazy ! Don’t get me wrong I don’t do it for fun, I just can’t get away without that extra help . Something has to keep that oil from my face and I need something to apply it with . That’s where my New brush in coming very handy.

I been struggling to find a perfect brush, ekk I couldn’t even find a one that I would be happy to use twice ! And that’s when I start seeing people raving about Wilko Premium Powder Brush. So I went for a little trip to Check it out. I found it on a display among few other brushes (worth checking them out) ❤


First of all It’s only cost so you don’t lose a lot if You won’t get on with it.

Apart from Great price is there anything great about this Brush?? Brush is large and fluffy, even tho it’s big it’s very easy to use. It comes with a little dust protector ❤ 100% synthetic hair, very good quality.


Now as far as application goes it’s AMAZING ! I finally enjoy the whole process. Really easy to pick up product ! It doesn’t go all over the place so there is no mess . I would recommend that brush to everyone and anyone. For such a great price you get better quality ( in my opinion) then Real techniques. I still cannot get over the fact how soft and it is. I could literally just seat there and stare at it and keep touching it ( I know crazy ! ) ❤


Overall I love that product and it’s my Must Have. Great to use with pressed powder and loose powder ❤

I can see myself trying some of their other brushes soon. ❤

 Lots Of Love 

                                                            Classy Chic xxx

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Blogging from England . Passionate about Makeup & Fashion. I get easily excited about Country Music and lyrics. On my blog you will find all sorts of Reviews , Swatches and Pictures. Come and join me to share a love for Makeup & Life <3


  1. It’s a great brush. I’ve been using it for quite some time now and love it !! I just picked up their duo finer brush to see if I can use it with my foundation 🙂 I’ve been into duo fibres lately as they’re just so great to use with cream products and I’ve been all about it this summer. Not even a touch of powder lately (mind that I have very dry skin)

    I love your pics hun xx


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