Makeup Revolution been around for while now and every now and again they like to release a new product and send Us some promo codes. Only this week we had a chance to get our hands on a new Ultra Contour Pallet and Ultra Base Corrector Pallet , and if you where lucky enough , and willing to spend 30 £ you would also get Free items including GIRL PANIC Pallet . ❤  

But not to worry if You didn’t had a chance to do that yet , I’m sure there will be plenty more chances.

But Today I would like to share with you my opinion and swatches of Eyeshadow pallet that been around for a while now. I only got to get it last week  from Superdrug. And I’m super excited to share this with you Guys!


I love,love love that super sleek and classy packaging. I could stare at it forever! Pallet cost me 6.99 £ and it’s such a good quality for the price. It’s same shape and size as other pallets from that collection but with matte finish. Again great big mirror is a big plus. There is also a small upgrade from rest of the pallets, and it’s a brush ! Double ended , soft and synthetic , perfect for applying a shadow and blending that bad boy out ❤


How sleek is that ?? ❤

Now let’s look inside. It’s what inside that matters at least in this case 😀

We have 16 shades all together , 8 matte and 8 shimmers. I feel like everyone around loves matte look right now and I start to like it more and more every time I use this pallet. MUR claims to give us easy to blend and soft and butter-like application. ah yes it’s true ! First time I used that pallet I was in shock it’s so easy to blend. As much as I love their others eyeshadow pallets I never before felt 100 % about the matte one from MUR but these one are so much different. I feel like i found my perfect Palette just here ❤


Shades come with a names which i Think it’s super cute 🙂


Let’s move to swatches. I will show You how pigmented and reach those shadows are. I should also say that they passed a test of time and sleep (oh yes ). ❤





Look at that colour payoff !

    Lots of Love

                                        Classy Chic xxx    

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