Semilac <3 UV/LED HYBRID

Let’s talk about gels and Hybrids today. My experience with them only started about 9 months ago.

And Just to let You know I have no professional experience or training. I’m only home user who enjoy every bit of it (maybe not the removal part , but who does ?! ). Since last year I have tried many different brands including : Bluesky, CCO, Crystal-G and Elite99 . All of them good to work with and I enjoyed using them until I tried SEMILAC.

For a while I was just looking at the pictures on other blogs and checking their website. And finally I decided to purchase few myself. Since then there are my No1 . Even tho I only own 8 (more soon) of them I only use them now. I also mix colours to get something new. Now let’s get to review.

First of all Semilac made my life so much easier ! I can relay on them . Colors are strong and pigmented, application so simple due to a perfect size of brush. Oh and they make Your nails stronger ! No more broken nails for me ladies ❤


I adore those little black bottles ! So cute and comfortable to hold.

SEMILAC is a Hybrid Gel that You can use without a fear of causing damage to Your own nails (tested by myself). It has to be used with LED or UV lamp. I use MyLee LED Lamp and 30 sec for each layer is enough. Don’t forget You have to use base coat and top coat apart from color Hybrid.

Semilac promise to deliver 4 weeks spotless look, without a chip or lift. I never got to 4 weeks myself , 3 weeks its a max for me . They could stay on for a 4 -6 weeks without a problem but I don’t like the look of outgrow so I won’t be testing that. But i can assure you that with a right prep and aftercare You will enjoy beautiful nails for weeks without a chip or lift !


Semilac bottles are smaller then your usual gel bottles . Volume of a bottle is 7 ml but You can also find 6 ml in old edition. Don’t be afraid You only pay 6 £ a bottle and you don’t need a lot for a full coverage . Usually 2 layers of product is enough to get solid colour. They also have that little colour sticker on top which makes it super easy to store them and find the right colour later.

If there is one thing that makes me sad about Semilac, it must be fact that UK don’t have yet a full access to a full range of colors on here. I hope that will change soon. ❤

Removal – easy as easy removal can be . I use aceton on a cotton ball wrapped in kitchen silver foil to keep them warm. Remember to buff the top coat of ( take shine away). Keep them in for 10 min , scrape and put them back in foil if need to. 

On Sunday i had a pleasure of paintings my Mum Nails. Result below.PicsArt_1438026660480


Semilac Royal Gold 142, I also mixed Mardi Gras 034 with 047 Pink Peach Milk to achieve that pretty pink/purple shade. I also love how colors stay same , they don’t fade or become dark over a period of time.

I also used Ibd Just gel Top coat to get that beautiful shine. How do you like it ? Would You like to try Semilac? Or maybe you use something else?

Lots of Love

                                                              ClassyChic xxx

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