Revolution Heaven (MUR)

Another week is almost over (thank God). Looking forward to upcoming weekend , work stress is almost behind me and I can relax and enjoy MAKEUP ! ❤

Earlier this week I received my parcel with a few bits from Superdrug and some more today. Happy Days ❤

It usually takes them a week to process and deliver goods, but not this time. 3 days including the day I made an order and All my new goodies are with me.

Now let me show You those beauties from MUR .

I decided to order few of their Lip liners to see if they are any good . I also updated my basket with a new bronzer and some extra blushers and New Iconic Pro 2 Eyeshadow Palette . As I have a Beautycard Point , I did not Pay a penny for a delivery. One more reason to shop there again…..


I never really use shiny bronzer as I’m too scared it won’t agree with my Oily face. But I had to give this a go . It’s so pretty !


I do not regret that purchase . Shade is perfect and really soft and pigmented. Really shiny on a swatch and in a package but no heavy glitter there when you apply it. It’s easy to grab to much product on a brush so please be careful !

It leaves your skin with a nice glow and natural healthy look.

Packaging very strong . Drop that first minute I got it out of the box and nothing happened ! MUR delivered again ❤

Again Amazing product for just a 4 £ .



Amazing Lipliner Rebel

Amazing Lipliner Cherry Red

I did not expected much from those 1 £ lipliners I just wanted them to do a job. And that what they do.

Both are soft and have a strong colour . They don’t leave Your lips feeling dry or horrible so I can’t complain .

But I don’t like a packaging . It’s just simple plain and that little cover thing with built in sharpener does a job again , but it doesn’t stay on a lipliner very well. Be careful it can stain everything in Your bag if it’s just dumped in a bag  (talking from my own experience here ).



Swatches below . Rebel on right and Cherry red on left .


I hope You enjoyed that quick review of MUR Goodies x

 Lots Of Love

ClassyChic xxx 

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